Volume 1/ Issue 2
September 2017

You are Not a Number

“Imagine what it is like to be converted into a number; that you are not a unique, living, breathing, laughing, loving individual. You are merely a digit in a much larger number, one that just keeps on growing. Your entire life is reduced to a number. 

When a human being is made into a number, his or her story disappears…Nobody asks to hear the stories behind these numbers. Nobody uncovers the beauty of the lives they led”   excerpt from the diary of Atef Abu Saif

Tip of the Month* Share Memories have a meaningful conversation with your loved ones about life and the things that matter most.

1.       The conversation can start at any time

2.      Talk to anyone who matters to you, a parent, grandparent, spouse, child,  a   close friend or other relatives

3.      Listen carefully with an open mind and heart (No judgements)

4.      Family photos, heirlooms and other treasured items may help bring back  memories

        Possible conversion topics:

·          Early Memories

·          Family (Immediate and Extended)

·          School Years

·          Adulthood and Career

·          Marriage and Parenthood 

·          Friends, other special people,

·          Accomplishments, Special Memories

·          Community Service, Clubs, Hobbies

·          Faith and Cultural Traditions 

*Tip from Issue 1:  Create a Personal Funeral Planning Guide